Dj Set 2012-02-27

Hey I started a blog for my DJ show notes and other Sonic things I would like to share here.

I’ll get around to archiving my older shows WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT.

Anyway, about tonight. I try to always use tracks that are available for free download; tonight was a successful attempt at that :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

1. Yasuo Akai w/ Chris Lynn – Be It So

2. Das Sombreros – Motion Up Inclined Plane With Friction

3. Yasuo Akai – From the Ridgeline

4. Doug Seidel w/ Todd Tuttle – Can’t Say

5. Das Sombreros – Grain Embargo

6. Douglas Seidel – New Face

7. Yasuo Akai – Diderot’s Clock Man  —-Sorry, but apparently I just couldn’t get enough of this guy.

8. Hopek Quirin – drip2

9. Douglas Seidel – Totally Stuck

10. The Euphoric Hum – Natural Center

11. Baden Dangit – Prior Minus

12. The Euphoric Hum – Betamodell

13. Joshua Liebowitz – Music With Paintings, Part 1

15. P. Bailey – Leaving Again

Thanks for listening. Hopefully a publicly accessible archive will be up soon, or I will be doing a podcast. Again, reference 1st link in post. B-)


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