DJ set 2012-03-19

Hey! Wow, I’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks. From watching Keith Fullerton Whitman Live on a quadraphonic system at a Lampo Series show, to playing an amazingly successful two hour improvised experimental ambient set at Rodan with my friend TAL, to being exposed to a crazy-cool-way-ahead-of-its-time endangered species of video art, and to finally having been euphorically dumbfounded by the discovery of Google Alerts and, in turn, the two generously articulate reviews of my sonic spawn, I thought something special was in need for this weeks show. I’m going to do three distinct things:

1) I randomly picked up this really neat vinyl printed in 1965 from the public library. It is a series of short recordings of “The Music of !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, Africa.” The instrumentation is limited in a very authentic way. The first four tracks from side one are straight “thumb piano” recordings. The next seven tracks on side one are “Children’s Songs” consisting of thumb pianos with children singing and clapping. Then the final three tracks (yes we’re still on side 1) are two “bamboo fiddle” tracks and the finale of all of the previous sonic elements combined into what is titled “Dance Music.” The second side is similar, but with a few “Conversation” tracks.

So, I’m definitely going to spin some selections from this record!
It seems that has all of these separate tracks in mp3 for sale, but if you play your cards right you might, somehow, end up with the recordings I ripped from the vinyl in your dropbox.


2) I was reading The Pirate Bay’s new scheme, when I ran across a comment in the thread mentioning a pirate radio station broadcasted from an old fishing boat in the 60s. I was immediately intrigued and gathered more information than I thought I would. I stumbled across, but not upon, an old Tripod website (they’re still around o.O?) that was dedicated to free downloads of archived tape recordings of a very long list of London pirate radio stations that existed from the 70s to the early 90s. I quickly downloaded a shit ton of them and scrubbed through, and it was really fun. I stayed up till 4am, when I really should not have. I was especially interested in listening to the technology they were using at the time, given that they were mostly all not-for-profit radio stations. Hand made electronics were freshly more accessible in the 70s-80s, which, as I just read from this very informative wiki article, is a reason why there was such a large surge of pirate stations during those times. Apparently at one point the pirate stations outnumbered legal broadcasters! So, I’m going to scrub through a bunch of recordings I randomly downloaded and look for fun stuff. It’ll be like we time-traveled to three decades crunched into a half hour with a radio dial.

3) And lastly, I love my SoundCloud finds, so I am going to play a few awesome new tracks from there, as follows, in the order they were received:

Ekená – semnyi I

ThE AsSocIaTIoN – Hymn to…

Alp Coksoyluer – Ø

estlander – Night on bog island-creaky trees and ural owl

a e g i r – Intuite

pinkplink – nineandten

Even The Dew is Porous – Chiseled Light

Sneaking this last one in last minute —>>>Experimedia – Coyotes at 4:43 AM at Home

Thanks for listening, catch you next Monday @7:07pm CST.


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