DJ set 2012-04-09

In order of play:

Chris Vaisvil – Disneyland in C (right click->’save link as’ for free download. Originally from )

This one ^up^here^ was recorded with a mobile phone mic, lol.

This one ^up^here^ is a collaboration with the previous mentioned Twocliffos!

^Up^here^ is a preview track from a forthcoming split cassette release from Rubber City Noise based in Akron, Ohio. Righteous dudes indeed! Also, if you’re in that area, these guys, Mike and Joe, will be performing as Scenic Railroads on this Saturday April 14, 2012 to celebrate their  album release at the RCNCAVE, 68 W. Exchange, Akron, Ohio.

This^is^one track off of an AMAZING set made by this group. I posted the entire set in a previous post. Go, now, and listen to it; it is fan-fucking-tastic!

Thanks for listening, catch you next Monday.


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