DJ set 2012-04-16_RETROGRADE TAPES

YO!! I got the mad senti-gnar show comin’ tonight [Monday, 2012-04-16.19:07 CST]. I was ever so kindly given a bunch of mp3s from Retrograde Tapes here in Chicago! Why? Because I listened to all of the sample tracks and was like **dude… please please please give me some mp3s for my show! Your releases are amazing!!** Now the entire show is made of Retrograde Tapes releases! You won’t be disappointed.


So, lemme just go over what’s going on here:

^^First off is three tracks off of “Bronze Fog” By Den.^^

^^Second is Matthew Akers, a synthesizer wizard his own from his release “The Elders of New Detroit”.^^

^^Kraken Mare is next with a selection from the self-titled release.^^

^^Then we have Abusive Consumer with a selection from his release”Crumbling Portals”.^^

^^Nodolby with a selection from the “Untitled” release.^^

^^Giant Claw with a side off of “Mortal Earth/Morbid Earth“.^^

^^Lastly Parashi with a side from their release “Silenus”!^^


All of these are available at Retrograde Tapes’ Store, except two are sold out: Giant Claw and Matthew Akers. 😦 Bummer! But the others are still available, and you can at least get Mortal Earth/Metal Earth mp3s at the Giant Claw bandcamp which is linked above under the release title name and right here.

Big Thanks to Adam Harris for sharing these great releases with me for everyone to hear!!!

Catch you next Monday.


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